From the Managing Director

Shonal Agarwal " When I thought of organizing training for educators, I wanted to bring the best continuing education opportunities available to educators. Chapters International has chosen the finest courses for educators world-wide and will continue to search for the best available in the market. We want to have the maximum positive impact on children by training their teachers."

Shonal Agarwal, President and CEO, Chapters International

Shonal Agarwal founded Chapters International in 2008 and is the Managing Director. The company has facilitated more than a 100 Professional Development workshops around the world for elementary and secondary Educators. In recognition of her contribution and expertise in the field of professional development, Shonal was invited in 2011 to join the Advisory Board for International and Intercultural Education at Kent State University, a position she continues to hold today.

Chapters International is a recognized world leader in providing quality Professional Development for educators. It has earned the reputation of delivering outstanding staff professional development for teachers to support them in their ongoing professional growth.

We organize "Needs Analysis" workshops at all levels across the year. Our team works closely with all stakeholders including school leaders, administrators, teachers and school counselors to understand their collective needs and required growth areas. Training Programs are then recommended and designed accordingly.

We offer the following Professional Development services:

Customised In-School training :
Many schools choose to access our expert speakers and customise their professional development to suit their specific school needs.

Consulting Services :
We also provide consulting services to schools and organisations to support them with their ongoing development.