Inquiry as a mindset for teaching and learning
A one day workshop for Elementary Teachers
By Kath Murdoch
17th August 2018, Chennai
  For many years, inquiry as an approach has been associated with ‘units of study’. At times, inquiry is almost seen as a ‘subject area’ in itself…something we might ‘do’ on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons!

But a more helpful, contemporary way of understanding inquiry is as an approach that can be used across the day. In inquiry based classroom, teachers and learners bring an inquiry mindset to all learning. When we teach and learn with an inquiry mindset, some powerful shifts happen in classrooms. At its best, inquiry brings joy to the learning environment. The joy comes from an emphasis on nurturing curiosity, finding authentic contexts in which to learn, challenging all learners to think creatively and critically, designing learning experiences that promote integration and valuing questions.
  During the day, participants in this workshop will explore the following questions:
  • What is the teacher’s role in an inquiry classroom? What is the learner’s role?
  • What strategies can teachers use to help children approach learning challenges as inquirers?
  • How can we design learning experiences for children so they are challenged to ‘figure things out’?
  • What contexts lend themselves to inquiry learning and how can the school and local community become the basis for integrative learning experiences?
  • How can we strengthen the place of 21st learning skills and dispositions (such as research and thinking skills) through inquiry?
  • What does planning for quality inquiry look and sound like? How can we make this a joyful and invigorating experience for us and our students?
  • What resources can help us power up inquiry learning in our classroom?
  A feature of Kath’s workshops is the many current examples she brings from recent, real work in classrooms around the world. Kath spends a great deal of time working with children across the elementary years and has a unique understanding of the realities of classroom life. For this reason, the workshop will focus on the pedagogy as well as the planning that teachers use when they teach with an inquiry mindset.
Potential Audience:
  This one day workshop is a must for elementary teachers whether they are new to the approach or wanting a refresher and in need of inspiration.
Trainers’ profile:
  Kath Murdoch is one of the world’s leading lights in the field of inquiry learning. For over 30 years she has taught, researched and written about ways to enhance student learning through inquiry. Her most recent book ‘The Power of Inquiry’ has been praised around the world for its comprehensive and practical advice for teachers eager to work in this way.
  Includes: Lunch, 1 coffee break and a certificate of participation.
  USD 550 Closing Date 10th August 2018.
  Rs. 15,000 + GST % Closing Date 10th August 2018.
  8:00 am to 3:00 pm
Registration at 7:15 am on the 17th of August 2018.
  Shonal Agarwal

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