October 22, 2012

I attended the Ron Ritchhart workshop in Hong Kong this past week.  I wanted to thank you for putting together a high quality workshop. Here are some things I appreciated:
1. The presenter was professional and had important things to say.

2. The group size was perfect; it allowed personal interaction with the presenter as well as a variety of other teachers with who to connect and learn from.

3. The hotel, the transportation and the location of the workshop were all well organized and very comfortable.

4. The lunches, drinks and snacks were abundant and offered a variety of options (bread, fruit, salads and delicious sandwiches).

5. You were always there ready to assist and answer questions.

I will, and already have, recommend you to colleagues.
Thanks again,

Marina Gijzen
Nanjing International School
March 19, 2012

Shonal Agarwal's workshops are first and foremost extremely beneficial professionally.  After attending two conferences, I have learned that they are also welcoming and personal.  For those of us that are teaching internationally, it's not often we get opportunities to learn from the most recognized names in education at a location close to home and in a relaxed atmosphere. Shonal provides a collaborative setting with ample time to interact with the presenter and other participants.


The two conferences I attended were set in vibrant cities and hosted at exceptional venues.  Throughout the day, attention was given to detail, resulting in healthy food (and plenty of it!), useful speaker handouts, writing materials, and a set up that encourages collaboration with other professionals.   I highly recommend attending a workshop hosted by Chapters International!

Sarah Corfield
American School of Milan

January 07, 2012

We recently hosted an exceptional region wide three day workshop on Structured Word Inquiry sponsored by Chapters International. Shonal, from Chapters International, effortlessly coordinated participant enrolment, financial payments and workshop materials. Through her flexibility and organization we were able to ensure that all essential tasks were covered; the workshop ran seamlessly; and the teacher learning and enthusiasm was maximized. Chapters International has brought together an impressive array of high quality educational practitioners and I would have no hesitation in recommending this organization to help run your schools professional development.

Jim Anderson
Elementary Principal
Anglo-American School of Sofia
January 07, 2012

My experience as a literacy consultant planning and conducting workshops with Shonal Agarwal and Chapters International was an entirely positive and productive. This organization makes it possible for me to offer in depth 2- and 3-day workshops for large groups of international school teachers that I could not otherwise reach. The goal of any educational workshop is to affect concrete changes in practice. Chapters International allows me to bring in teams of teachers from a region workshops that provide time not only for in-depth study of new concepts, but also time for teachers to practice those ideas with colleagues. Schools don’t just gain individual teachers with new ideas to try, they gain teams of teachers who have a common experience to build from and who have established connections teachers from schools working on the same content. 

In addition to the effectiveness of this model of professional development, Shonal Agarwal brings exceptional organizational skills and contacts to the international education community. Shonal was a prompt and clear communicator who ensured that all the details involved in setting up and running my workshops were taken of. Because she anticipated all the logistical issues, my participants and I were able to focus on the sessions, not meals, transportation and such. 

For me, however, the most impressive part of working with Shonal is that she is a passionate educator and learner who participated extensively in my sessions. She is passionate about providing professional development experiences that she believes in, and she knows that she can’t do that unless she does the work to understand it.  

I wholeheartedly recommend that educators looking for excellent professional development opportunities and presenters looking for ways to share their expertise consider working with Chapters International.

Peter Bowers
Bottom Curve